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New Hearing Aid Technology in West Jordan, UT; Feedback Noise Management & More

The technology that is used in hearing aids has improved tenfold in the last decade. If you think about how much our lives revolve around technology now as opposed to ten years ago, it is mind blowing. The situation is no different when it comes to hearing aids. Now they come equipped with several features that make them much more user friendly. They also have advanced technology that helps you hear much better than you did before you got them. ENT Specialists are here to talk about some of the top hearing aid features that are available to you today.

Hearing Aid Feedback Noise Management

Hearing aids of the past did nothing but amplify the noise so that you could hear better. Today, you can count on your hearing aids converting noise into digital sound before it is delivered into your ear. They are also able to filter out background noise so that you are able to better hear conversations that are happening around you. They deliver a richer sound from the world around you.

Multiple Hearing Aid Channels

Every space you enter has different acoustics based on the shape of the room. This can have a big impact how you hear sounds. You may find that you can hear better in some rooms than others, and new hearing aids have the ability to use several different channels that can help you customize the equalizer peak so that you are able to better understand the sounds and conversations around you. You don’t have to worry about removing them from your ear either, you can simply switch channels and let your hearing aids automatically adjust for you.

Omnidirectional Microphone Hearing Aid

Some of the latest technology in hearing aids include directional microphones. This means that your hearing aids will hone in on sounds that are coming from where you are focusing your attention. No longer will you find that you can’t hear your dinner date as these hearing aids will focus on the person talking across from you and tune out the noise from people all around you. You will find that you don’t have to ask for clarification near as much as you used to.

Bluetooth Hearing Aid Technology

To make your hearing aids completely hands off, you can pair them with your phone, laptop or other electronic devices and stream the sound directly into your ear. This makes your hearing aids the ultimate headphones. You can even pair your hearing aids to a hearing loop where these are an option. Many places like concert halls or sporting arenas are starting to carry this technology.

Binaural Processing

The binaural processing technology means that when you are fitted for two hearing aids, the two hearing aids are able to communicate with each other and sync up their settings. If there is a loud noise in one ear like wind blowing, the other will compensate for that noise and eliminate miscommunications.

Automatic Hearing Aid Programming

This feature is only available in high end hearing aids, but is impressive nonetheless. This technology will learn your lifestyle habits and adjust your hearing preferences accordingly. You truly don’t have to make any adjustments to these hearing aids because they work so well with your needs.

Hearing Aids for Hearing Loss & More

If you are looking for the perfect hearing aids to help you with hearing loss, you can count on ENT Specialists to help you find the right fit. Call us today!

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