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A child’s smile brightens our world. Unfortunately nothing takes that smile away faster than a kid who is crying in the night from ear pain or a tonsil infection. Our little ones frequently suffer from stubborn ear, nose and throat conditions that need to be treated by an experienced otolaryngologist or ENT doctor.

Meeting the Specialized Needs of Your Children

At ENT Specialists we have special equipment to meet the specialized needs of your children. A young child has a nose, a throat, and ears that are much smaller than that of a grown adult and as such needs to be treated with the correct equipment. Our hearing booths are equipped with ENT pediatric equipment to help diagnose hearing loss in young children and we can even properly diagnose hearing loss in infants. This is the type of quality care that your child deserves.

Sometimes children need ENT surgery. Tubes and tonsils are common pediatric ENT surgeries that we see here in Salt Lake City. ENT Specialists consists of four experienced physicians, namely Dr. Palmer, Dr. Swenson and Dr. Gull, who have served the community for many years. Our doctors are skilled at working with pediatric patients with basic ENT problems and have had wonderful success without complications at both St. Marks and IMC facilities. We believe that going to a specialty children’s hospital is not required and for the majority of healthy children it is not a good cost-benefit choice for procedures such as tubes and tonsils. We would love to assist you in helping reduce your costs by being your preferred provider in the area for your kids needing tubes and tonsils for a lower cost at our patient surgery centers rather than a patient-specialty-care hospital.

Let us help bring back your child’s smile. No ENT problem is too big, and no child too small!

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