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Nose, Chin, Eyes and Ears Surgery


Many people have asked, “What are the benefits of having my facial plastic surgeon also be a licensed otolaryngologists (or ENT physician)?” Facial cosmetic surgery is so often linked with the different facets of breathing, smelling, hearing, swallowing and much more that only a trained ENT can properly treat these patients. Dr. Swenson is both an ENT doctor and a facial plastic surgeon, giving you the best of both worlds.

That Natural and Beautiful Feeling

A common theme is expressed by our patients who undergo rhinoplasty (a nose job), chin surgery, ear surgery (commonly referred to as pinned ears), or eyelid enhancement. That is how natural and beautiful the patient feels. The natural look is the key to these surgeries. Dr. Swenson has the professional know how, the detail, and the right eye for the job. Your beauty, confidence, and health is our priority.

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