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Allergy Tips


  1. Wear a dust mask when cleaning or working in the yard
  2. Change your furnace and air conditioning filters monthly
  3. Use a High Efficient Particulate Air Cleaner (HEPA Filter)
  4. Keep your home well dusted (especially the bedroom)
  5. Get rid of stuffed animals (they harbor dust mites)
  6. Reduce any clutter that can collect dust or molds e.g. newspapers
  7. Keep windows and doors closed during heavy pollination including keeping your car windows rolled up
  8. Keep your pets outdoors or at least out of the bedroom (we need an allergen free place as much as possible to sleep so we can feel rested)
  9. Washing and grooming your pet regularly helps keep the dander down (by someone who is not allergic)
  10. Get rid of house plants or anything that may promote mold growth in the home
  11. Use cotton or synthetic bedding in place of feathers
  12. Enclose pillows and mattresses in protective allergy dust covers
  13. Wash your bedding in hot water every 7-10 days to reduce dust mites
  14. Use Antihistamines, Decongestants, and Nasal Steroids as prescribed by your doctor
  15. Talk to your doctor about Immunotherapy
  16. Keep a healthy life style by exercising, eating a balance diet and stop smoking
  17. Keep your doctor informed of any change in symptoms
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