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The most recent statistics from the Better Hearing Institute states that 17% of the American population has a hearing loss. That is roughly 36 million people. Aside from the communication difficulties that come with hearing loss, research shows that hearing loss frequently co-exists with depression and/or anxiety, and that people with untreated hearing loss may be at an increased risk of depression.

At ENT Specialists we are proud of our amazing audiologists who are committed to their patients.  They understand the quality of life that can vanish from hearing loss.  They have seen firsthand lives being changed as patients are able to regain an important sense that they felt was lost forever. They understand that hearing loss is a medical condition that can be treated.  Don’t let a loved one suffer any longer.  Learn about our dedicated audiologists David Lodzins, MS CCC-A, Denise Arceneaux, MCD CCC-A, Stacey Snow, Au.D. CCC-A, and Tyler Sorenson, Au.D. CCC-A.

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