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Allergy Testing


Allergy Skin Testing

Allergy testing

Skin Testing is a means by which Allergies can be confirmed. The offending allergens can be identified and the levels of sensitivities indicated. For example, you may be highly allergic to Sagebrush pollen but only mildly allergic to Oak Tree pollen. Each of the offending allergens can be treated according to individual level of sensitivity. A formula for vaccine treatment is designed on test results.

Testing is performed by highly qualified medical assistants, taking approximately 2 hours, using the arms as testing sites.

Basically, a drop of each allergen is injected under the first layer of skin or a prick method may be applied. The skin will be observed for the size of responses in the form of wheals (hives or welts). From responses the medical assistant will understand what you are allergic to and if treatment with allergy serum injections is warranted.

There will be detailed education concerning allergen controls in the home environment provided by the medical assistant, video, and literature, during testing time.

On occasion, it may be appropriate or necessary for blood testing, known as RAST, to be done to identify allergies when skin testing is not an option.

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