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Mini-Cat Scanner


MiniCAT™ scanner for ENT makes it possible for our physicians to take CT scans right in our office.

We feel it is important to provide our patients with the highest quality care and latest advancements in medical technology, enhancing patient care. Our on site CT scanner, located at the Old Farm Office, is designed specifically for scanning sinuses and ears. This allows our physicians to diagnose and treat our patients with chronic sinusitis, nasal airway obstruction and occasionally to help evaluate sleep apnea. The scan can usually be completed at the time of your visit and immediately reviewed with you by the doctor.

It takes less than 40 seconds to scan. We get an immediate digitally versatile CT images to our computer monitor.

The MiniCAT™ scanner creates high resolution ultra thin CT slices (as low as 0.2 mm) making it ideal for scanning the temporal bones, skull base as sinuses.

MiniCAT™ has a lower radiation dose than conventional CT and much smaller than the full-body scanners seen in hospitals and features a unique upright and open design that minimizes claustrophobia. The MiniCAT™ scanner is compatible with image-guided surgery systems and gives more flexibility for surgical planning and post-operative evaluation and care.

With our MiniCAT™ for ENT scanner administered by our highly trained and compassionate staff, we are setting the standard for the highest level of patient care and convenience.

ENT Specialists is Accredited by ICACTL

Sandra Anderson

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