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Voice & Swallow Center


Effective treatment of voice disorders depends on correct diagnosis. At the Voice Center, sophisticated stroboscopic light sources and video are used to view the vocal folds in motion. Examinations are recorded for documentation and comparison. Treatment for voice disorders varies widely, depending on the diagnosis. Voice disorders may be the first sign of a general and or specific disease or illness. The Voice Center keeps up to date with the latest research, therapy approaches and surgical options. Our team reviews physical and perceptual vocal findings and develops a plan to remediate each voice disorder individually.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists are all Vocologists with specialty training in voice with certificates from the National Center of Voice and Speech. They all have experience in performing as singers and actors. They provide stroboscopic evaluations of the larynx and comprehensive evaluations of the voice and swallow mechanism in Salt Lake City, Murray and Draper locations. They provide voice and swallow therapy after diagnosis with strategies and techniques proven to improve each patient’s quality of life. They provide laryngeal massage/manipulation and Myofascial release for specific purposes relating to voice and swallowing and each treatment plan is catered to each individual and their specific needs or demands. All providers on our team work closely with our ENT physicians in the practice to provide the best quality of care and the most optimal outcomes for each patient

Diagnosis and Treatment of Voice Problems

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I’m always clearing my throat, I sound sick, my voice is tired, effortful and unpredictable! I need to do my job, it’s been over 2 weeks and my voice is not back to normal!

Email: and schedule a 10 minute screening. You will have pictures of your vocal folds you can show your ENT if it is recommended you should see one after the screening.

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