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Balloon Surgery


ENT Specialists is proud to offer each and every patient with the highest level of care and professionalism available. We specialize in many different procedures that will improve your quality of life. One common procedure that we offer is balloon surgery for sinus relief. The technical term for this surgery is called balloon sinuplasty of the maxillary, frontal and/or sphenoid sinuses. This procedure involves a small deflated balloon being placed in the opening of the sinus. Once the position of the balloon is confirmed it is inflated for several seconds and this results in the opening becoming widened.

Relief for Acute Sinusitis, Sinus Headaches, Pressure & Facial Pain

Patients who experience sinus complications know that this can become a regular occurrence that involves a great deal of pain, frustration, sleepless nights and headaches. Patients who suffer from acute sinusitis will greatly benefit from the balloon sinuplasty of the maxillary, frontal and/or sphenoid sinus procedure. Other benefits of the procedure include no general anesthesia, reduced price compared to going into the operating room, ability for the patient to return to work the next day, less pain, reduced recovery time and less bleeding than traditional sinus surgery.

Balloon Sinus Surgery

If you are someone who struggles with acute sinusitis and are curious about the balloon sinus relief procedure there are a few points to consider. The morning of the scheduled procedure, the patient will usually take some anxiety and pain medications. It is therefore required that they have someone drive them to the surgery and drive them home after the procedure is complete. The recovery time for the procedure is usually a few hours, and most patients feel back to normal the following day. The balloon sinus relief surgery is not typically a painful procedure, but it has been known to cause anxiety in certain patients who do not do well with procedures.

Balloon Sinus Surgery Recovery Time

It is important for patients who undergo this type of procedure to commit to a two week follow up and then a month after surgery check up to monitor the healing. Most patients heal quickly when they use a saline spray in the nose several times a day. Rarely do patients require antibiotics or pain medications for more than a few doses. If you are experiencing sinus complications, contact ENT Specialists today to schedule an appointment and find out what treatment will best treat your symptoms. ENT Specialists take care of every patient and care for their individual needs. Contact ENT Specialists today for more information on balloon sinus relief surgery!

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