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Voice & Swallowing Rehabilitation With Myofascial Release Therapy


Following an evaluation of voice and/or swallowing function, voice or swallowing rehabilitation may be indicated. Our experienced voice and swallowing rehabilitation team will then put a tailored rehabilitation plan in place for each patient. The rehabilitation we perform may be compared to physical therapy for head and neck function, as it pertains to vocal production and swallowing. A course of rehabilitation usually lasts 4-8 sessions or 1-2 months, but specific needs may vary for each patient.

Throughout the course of treatment, specific therapeutic techniques will be introduced. These techniques will target specific areas of the voice or swallowing mechanism which will aid to strengthen and coordinate the current level of functioning. Under the care of a professional, you will regain strength and confidence in your ability to use you voice and to swallow, without adopting maladaptive strategies that often accompany injury.

The information each patient learns, and the tools gained by participating in a voice or swallowing rehabilitation program, will serve as a solid foundation on which they can rely, and through which they will gain increased independence and improved quality of life.

 Myofascial Release therapy (MFR) is also available as an alternative approach to mitigating voice and swallowing symptoms related to muscle pain and strain. MFR is an effective technique that involves gentle, hands-on manipulation of structures related to the voice and swallowing mechanisms. MFR techniques can be taught to the patient so that future symptoms can be managed independently. While MFR is a unique and independent approach to managing voice and swallowing related symptoms, the most effective treatment plans utilize MFR therapy in addition to techniques used in traditional voice and swallowing rehabilitation.

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