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Voice Habilitation


For patients who are interested in diving deeper into learning healthy and efficient vocal production related to professional voice users (actors, singers, teachers, corporate workers, etc.), ENT specialists provides voice habilitation services. Voice habilitation aims to maximize the benefits gained from a well-balanced voice mechanism. This service is best suited for patients whose voice needs cannot be met through therapeutic intervention alone, and who need fine-tuned guidance to better achieve their desired outcomes. A doctor’s referral is not necessary for voice habilitation, and it is not covered by insurance but is offered as a transition to help a patient resume their specific and increased demands professionally with their private vocal coach/teacher or employer.

A voice habilitation program includes learning anatomy and physiology of voice production, completing exercises that increasingly challenge the vocal mechanism, and applying the skill gained from exercise to real life professional needs. The program is conducted by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in vocal production and received specialty training through the Summer Vocology Institute by Please refer to the profiles of each voice and swallowing therapist/vocologist for more information about certification and training.

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