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Latest Testimonials


Ben A

This is the best place to see an ENT Doctor in Salt Lake City. They also have a location in Draper which was very accommodating for me with my work schedule. Every time I have seen one of these ENT doctors I have been thoroughly impressed with their knowledge and the care that they give me. They can also help with any ear nose and throat problem, not to mention allergies which is very helpful. I’m allergic to cats and ENT Specialists gives me the proper care and attention I need. Great staff, best ENT Doctors. Tonsils, sinuses, broken nose, you name it….I’d trust this group with anything. Thanks for the amazing care!!!



Cynthia N

Dr. Palmer is the best.  This doctor is on the cutting edge. His knowledge and skills are outstanding and he was extremely helpful in helping me with my asthma/sinus problems. I am symptom free for the first time in a long time. His staff is very friendly and he has become a “friend” as we have worked together. This office is the best!



Amber T

I have seen some of Dr. Swenson’s facial plastic surgeries and he is an excellent surgeon.  He has been a facial plastic surgeon for many years and his work is top notch.  People come from all over the country to have him perform facelifts, rhinoplasties, platysmaplications, etc. because his work looks natural not fake.  His bedside manner is amazing.  I have been under the knife many time by Dr. Swenson and the outcome has been very positive.



Jeff M.

Dr. Gull is incredible. I have brought two of my kids to Dr. Gull for different issues. My daughter needed her tonsils out (a tonsillectomy) and a year later my son needed tubes in his ears. Best pediatric ENT in Salt Lake! Thanks for all the help Dr. Gull, my family is doing great because of you.



Heather B

I just wanted to mention that the audiologist at ENT Specialists took such great care of my mother.  My mother is 85 and has suffered for a long time with hearing loss.  The audiologist treated her like a true friend.  He also helped to fit her with a great pair of hearing aids that have really increased her quality of life.  The audiologist follows up with us regularly and always invites me to come to all my mother’s office visits.


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