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Hearing Aids


The benefits received from hearing aids can differ significantly from person to person. Your success will largely depend on your motivation and willingness to work at improving your hearing.

Most people need an adjustment period–usually lasting from a few days to a few weeks–to experiment with various sound levels and various types of background noise before their amplified hearing becomes second nature. It is also common for your instruments to require minor adjustments from the laboratory when they are new. Experience has shown that with proper counseling and practice, most hearing losses can be successfully fit with hearing aids.

Recent Advances in Hearing Aid Technology

Recent advances in micro-technology have greatly improved the performance of today’s hearing aids. New circuit options improve comfort and clarity in difficult listening situations and also allow the tailoring of instruments to match specific hearing needs.

It’s no secret that today’s hearing instruments look great! What’s more impressive is that today’s models also sound, feel and perform better than ever. The three types of hearing aid technologies available today are analog, programmable, and digital. Your audiologist can advise you which of the many models and/or circuit options would be best for your hearing needs.

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