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When You Need to Call a Thyroid Specialist in Salt Lake City, UT; Goiter, Nodules or Lumps & More

Hypothyroidism means that the thyroid gland can’t make enough thyroid hormone to keep the body running normally. You need to have help to monitor your condition in the best way when you are dealing with hypothyroidism. There will be a need to see a thyroid specialist. Almost 5% of Americans over the age of 12 take medication to produce the thyroid hormones their body is no longer making. Though a primary care physician can help manage thyroid conditions, there are some times when you need a reputable thyroid specialist. They are more in tune with the other hormones the body requires and how they all interact where thyroid specialist knows more about the function and structure of the thyroid gland. Today, we at ENT Specialists would like to discuss when you may want to consult with a thyroid specialist.

When to Call a Thyroid Specialist

You should book an appointment with your thyroid specialist and ENT doctor when first diagnosed with a thyroid condition. The thyroid is located in the throat and having a specialist that focuses on that region can help you manage your condition. Your expert can schedule the right tests, treatment plans and the condition in general. If any of the following issues listed below apply, they make ideal reasons as to why you should also schedule with a thyroid expert.

Hypothyroidism & Pregnancy

Hypothyroidism can affect your body while you’re pregnant due to the pregnancy hormones. Speaking to a thyroid specialist is a smart decision if you are trying to get pregnant. Because of the changing hormones, you need to have your medication monitored closely. It’s going to be on the advice of your thyroid specialist to know what is right for you as some ladies may require more of their medicine when they are pregnant.

When Thyroid Condition Symptoms Aren’t Improving

The symptoms relating to your thyroid condition should clear up as you take the prescribed medications. You need to go back to your thyroid specialist for a second opinion if your symptoms do not improve. You should never do this without the support of a thyroid specialist to avoid mistakes since you may need to tweak your medication altogether. Issues are Related to the Pituitary. The leading center for control for your thyroid and the hormones is from the pituitary gland is at the base of the brain. You will find that your medication also won’t be working either if your pituitary gland is not working correctly. Your production of hormones may be stunted and cause complications without the TRH being released.

Enlarged Thyroid Gland

To help you to understand whether you do have thyroid issues, an enlargement of the thyroid is called a goiter, and if this occurs book an appointment ENT doctor. Getting the right help can ensure that you know whether you have hypothyroidism since the gland should not be enlarged.

Thyroid Nodules or LumpsThyroid Surgery

If you have a thyroid problemcall ENT Specialists and let our ENT doctors help you manage your thyroid condition.

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