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What is the Meaning of Dizziness & Vertigo in West Jordan, UT? Treatment Options & More

Have you ever been sitting in a chair that spins around and just send it spinning? When the chair comes to a stand still you are still feeling the effects of the movement. This makes it hard to stand up and walk or do just about anything that needs coordination. The feeling will subside over a few seconds to a few minutes for most people. Now imagine having that same feeling but you have not been spinning around in circles. This is a medical condition that may need help of a physician to get to the bottom of. You want to make sure if you have any dizziness that you make note of it and what if anything has brought it on. Understanding dizziness or vertigo is a great place to start so that you are able to give the doctor the right information to treat you.

Dizziness Vs. Vertigo

One of the terms that people use to describe when they have been spinning around in circles and then stop is dizziness. You may also hear people say they have vertigo but they are not the same thing. It is important to know what each of them are so that you can give the right information to the doctor. If you have dizziness you feel like you are unbalanced but the space around you is not actually spinning around. When you have vertigo you have the feeling that you are still but the room around you is spinning around. Either of these episodes can cause you to feel uneasy and are quite unsettling. You want to make sure that you take notes about what is happening and when it is happening. The spinning sensation is not natural and can cause you to not be able to function like normal.

Inner Ear Infection Can Cause Dizziness

One of the areas that is effected when you have an illness such as a cold or flu is that your ears will become infected or inflamed. There are lymph nodes as well as your tonsils that can become inflamed along with your inner ear. When this happens you can start to feel dizzy. The other symptoms that follow when you are dizzy include an upset stomach and not being able to stand up still and balanced. The infection depending on where it is at can be due to a virus or a bacteria. You may need access to antibiotics to get better and to get you back up on your feet.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

If you have a problem with vertigo such as a room that is spinning when you are sitting still you could have BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. If you are keeping track of what you are doing when you get the sensation of vertigo you can pin point BPPV. This happens when you stand to fast, sit too fast, move your head to fast or other fast movement. The sensation likely only lasts about a minute. There really is not a problem with this happening and really is not a solution either. You can learn more about ways to make it better and less of a problem for you.

Dizziness & Vertigo Treatment

ENT Specialists can help to find the solution to your dizziness or the vertigoCall us today to make your appointment.

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