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The Causes and Cure for Vertigo

About 2.4 million Americans suffer from dizziness or vertigo, according to data from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. That means not only are all these people at an increased risk of falls and injuries, but their daily lives can be disrupted, as well. Fortunately, ENT Specialists is a leader in vertigo treatments for patients throughout Utah. Here’s how we can help you.

Vertigo vs. dizziness

People use lots of terms to describe the experience of feeling “off balance” or unsteady, but no matter what term you use, the symptoms are very similar. The main difference: Dizziness describes the sensation of being unsteady or unstable, especially when you bend over or rise to a standing position. Vertigo is the sensation that you or the objects around you are spinning or rotating around. 

Both dizziness and vertigo can be caused by different underlying problems, including infections, head trauma, medications, hormonal or neurological changes, or even aging. But often, it’s the inner ear that’s to blame. Once the inner ear problem is addressed, dizziness and vertigo symptoms can quickly disappear.

Balancing act

When we think of what our ears do, the first thing that comes to mind is hearing. But that’s just one function. Our ears also play a pivotal role in our ability to balance and to feel steady, whether we’re sitting still, lying down, or moving around. The inner ear contains tiny hair cells and fluid, both of which work together to keep you balanced and stable. A problem inside the inner ear — with the fluid, the hair cells, or the structures themselves — can quickly turn your world topsy-turvy, literally.

Every assessment starts with a medical history to look for possible risk factors, followed by an exam. Depending on your needs, we might perform a hearing assessment, a balance evaluation, nerve tests, or other simple tests to evaluate your balance and your inner ears. We’ll also ask lots of questions about your symptoms so we can get a complete picture of your issue.

Next, we’ll work with you to develop a treatment plan aimed at improving your symptoms and restoring your balance, so you can reduce your risks of future injury and lead a more comfortable life. Many inner ear disturbances can be treated with simple lifestyle changes, while others might require balance therapy (also called vestibular therapy) or medical treatment. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” cure for vertigo. Instead, your care will be based specifically on your unique needs for optimal results and better overall wellness.

Custom care for dizziness relief

Vertigo might seem like a “minor” medical complaint, especially if your symptoms are subtle. But the fact is, not only can dizziness substantially increase your risk of serious injuries, but it can also be a sign of a much more serious underlying medical condition. That’s why it’s so important to have your symptoms evaluated early, even if they seem mild to you.

As a top-ranked ENT practice with locations in Salt Lake City, Murray, Draper, Tooele, and West Jordan, Utah, ENT Specialists offers free fall risk assessments and health evaluations aimed at determining the cause of your symptoms. If you’re experiencing vertigo or dizziness — even “mild” symptoms — don’t put off your evaluation. Give us a call or use our online form to schedule an evaluation today.

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