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How to Prevent Keloids on Ear Piercings etc in Tooele, UT; Causes, Treatment & More

When you are dealing with a skin condition that is not only causing a blemish in some way but is also causing trouble to one of your senses. A keloid is a skin condition that often times will just be a blemish but when they appear near the ear or the nose it can cause some problems. You want to make sure you have a clear understanding of keloids and what they mean and how to deal with them if they are damaging your ear or nose.

ENT Specialists Has What A Keloid Is & What You Can Do To Deal With It

Symptoms of Keloids: If you have never seen a keloid of you are not sure what they are then a description can help. This is a skin condition that will show up in the skin in the form of a ball that will bulge from the skin. It may look red, tender and could have some swelling. The growth is what happens when your skins scar tissue over grows. The overgrowth is what will start to form and cause the keloid to appear.
How are Keloids Formed?: The reality is that any form of trauma has the potential to cause a keloid to grow. The keloid will come when scar tissue is needed and that can be from many aspects of your life. It can be a surgery that you had and where the incision took place. It can be a burn or cut that you got working in the house or yard. It can even be as small as receiving a vaccine where the needle punctured the skin and even an ear or nose piercing. When they start to appear where you have a piercing it might be best to remove it. Before you take any chances it is always best to talk to your Doctor when it has the potential to affect our hearing or nasal passage. The other fact is that African American and Hispanics are more likely to form keloids than other races.
How to Treat Keloids: When it comes to keloids that are on the skin and not causing any other damage the best way to deal with them is to leave them alone. The other option that you have is to make sure that you avoid injuries that could lead to scar tissue. Once you are aware that you are prone to keloids you want to avoid a piercing that could be a hazard to your ears of your nose. If there is a keloid that is causing trouble with breathing and or hearing it is a good idea to talk to the doctor about potentially doing injections and or surgery to reduce the damage. The only reason that this would be an option is if the keloid were restricting your hearing and nasal passage.

Keloid Treatment

ENT Specialists can help to detect a problem with your nasal passage or your ears that is being caused by keloids and assist you in dealing With keloids that affect your hearing or nasal passage. Call us today to make your appointment.

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