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Facelift Myths in Salt Lake City, UT

There are many options in plastic surgery including injections, laser treatments and traditional surgery. The number of options when it comes to traditional surgery has led to some misconceptions and these myths can lead to confusion about certain procedures. The procedure that seems to have the most misconceptions is the facelift.

Will Facelift Results Look Shiny & Unnatural?

Facelifts of old delivered results that looked “windswept”. Many people are scared to have a facelift because they don’t want that look! No one wants to have a face that looks surprised all the time. You can be rest assured this result is a thing of the past. Newer techniques focus on cutting away extra skin and tightening underlying muscles instead of tightening the skin to create a more natural look. There are also options to combine a facelift with other procedures such as injections, to avoid having too much work done and creating an unnatural look.

Will there Be Excessive Swelling After Facelift Surgery?

While a facelift does have a longer recovery time than other procedures, it’s not as long as you may think. There will be bruising and swelling, and you will be in bandages for a few days. The bruising and swelling can last for a few weeks but you probably only need a couple of weeks of downtime. Most patients only need two weeks before they can return to normal activity with a little help from some makeup.

Are Facelifts Only for 60 & 70 Year Olds?

Facelifts are not just for older people. The surgery can be done in your 40s or 50s to produce even better results. In fact, waiting too long means there are more signs of aging that a facelift just can’t help. Results can also look unbalanced when coupled with more signs of aging. Older patients might have to have more than one procedure done to get the look they would have gotten if they had down the facelift earlier.

Do Non Surgical Injections Produce the Same Results as Facelift Surgery?

Injections are very helpful in combatting the signs of aging, but they aren’t the same as a facelift. Injections are easier and faster but not as effective as a facelift. Injections can’t tighten the skin and reduce sagging and looseness like a facelift can.

Do Facelifts Last Forever?

Unfortunately, no facelifts do not last forever. A facelift can reverse the signs of aging, but it cannot stop the hands of time. The results will last a long time, but your face will continue to age. Many patients can enjoy the results of a facelift for about a decade. The best way to have long-lasting results is to listen to your surgeon’s recovery instructions and avoid sun exposure as much as you can. Make sure you wear sunscreen, eat a healthy diet and stay in shape to slow the signs of aging on your face.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Speaking with a facial plastic surgeon is the best way to separate fact from fiction and to determine if a facelift is the right procedure for you. Contact the professionals at ENT Specialists to schedule a consultation today.

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