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Can Your Tonsils & Adenoids Grow Back After a Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy in Draper, UT?

When you are a child there are some kids that seem to get sick more often than other kids. They may get strep throat and other illness that sends them to a specialist to have a diagnosis found. The majority of the time the problem is that the tonsils and the adenoids need to be removed. They are located in the mouth at the back of the throat and you have a tonsil on each side. The adenoids come in a pair as well and are often taken out at the same time as the tonsils. They are there to help the body fight off infection that is the cause of strep throat and more. When they are no longer doing that they are often times removed. The surgery is something that is usually done when you are a child but there is a rare occurrence that can happen and that is the tonsils and adenoids grow back after they are removed.

ENT Specialists Answers Whether Tonsils & Adenoids Can Grow Back as an Adult

Can a 2 Year Old Have Tonsils Removed?: When you have your tonsils out it is often out when you are a child. This is after a blockage or repeated illness that is best treated by having them removed. The problem is that if you have them taken out too soon it can create a problem later on. It is not uncommon for 2 year old children to have tonsillectomies, usually due to upper airway obstruction with apnea. The tonsils and the adenoids are part of the body that helps with fighting infection. The problem is that they are a part that will continue to grow for many years and usually will not stop until after you are eight years old. If you have yours or your child’s tonsils and adenoids taken out too early the tissue will keep growing. That means that the area that they are in will just regenerate. You want to make sure that you talk with the specialists about the best time to have them taken out. After they stop growing they will actually start to shrink and be almost gone by the time you are an adult.

Tonsil Tissue Left After Tonsillectomy: The other problem that happens that will cause the tonsils and or adenoids to grow back is when there is some tissue that is left behind. If you have a good surgeon that specializes in these types of surgery there should not be much to worry about. When the surgery is done there are times that small amounts of the tissue is not removed. This can cause them to grow back just spawning from the tissue that was left behind. If this is why this happens you may want to have them removed again only if they start to cause health problems.

Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy

The reality is that tonsils and adenoids growing back is a very minor occurrence and does not happen very often. If it does happen to you it is best to meet with a professional surgeon that has the ability to determine if surgery is needed. Many times the tissue is fine to stay and will not cause any future problems.
ENT Specialists are experts in removing adenoids and tonsils. Be sure that you call to make an appointment to see what option is right for you.

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