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Am I a Balloon Sinuplasty Candidate in West Jordan, UT; as an Alternative to Sinus Surgery?

Anyone who deals with chronic sinus problems knows how miserable it can be. Many people that have sinus infections experience them chronically which can be a lifelong struggle. What if there were treatments that could make a difference in regards to this issue? Those struggling, will often try anything to find reprieve from these chronic issues. ENT Specialists is here to talk about balloon sinuplasty and the benefits that can come from it when treating chronic sinus issues.

Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure

If you haven’t heard of Balloon Sinuplasty, it may be because it is fairly new. The procedure is completed by inserting a balloon catheter into an inflamed sinus cavity and inflated. As this is done, the sinus opening is expanded. Once inflated, saline is sprayed into the sinus to flush out mucus and pus that has built up over time. After which the balloon is deflated and removed, which leaves the sinus cavity still expanded. This is a non-invasive way to restructure the sinus and open the passageways.

Balloon Sinuplasty Recovery

Traditional sinus surgery can be a difficult thing to recover from. When you choose to have balloon sinuplasty done instead, most patients don’t experience these difficult days of recovery afterwards. You can usually plan to return to your normal activities and work within a couple days of the procedure. The most common recovery includes some bloody drainage that resolves itself quickly within the first couple of days. Some patients report feelings similar to congestion for a couple of days following the procedure as well. You will most likely feel some fatigue following the balloon sinuplasty as well. To help ensure your recovery is as smooth as possible, here are some tips to follow after your balloon sinuplasty:
– Don’t blow your nose for the first 24 hours after the procedure.
– Only moderate exercise is recommended for the first week. Avoid strenuous activity.
– Rinse your sinuses with saline for the first week. This will keep your sinuses lubricated and help to prevent bleeding and other discomforts. Saline will also promote fast healing.

Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty

There are many benefits that come when you choose balloon sinuplasty as your form of treatment for chronic sinus issues. Here are some of the benefits that this procedure offers when compared to traditional sinus surgery:
– Less Bleeding: No cutting, means far less bleeding
– Quick Recovery: Within a couple days, you can return to normal activity
– Convenience: This procedure is done in-office rather than a hospital
– Less Pain: Non-invasive and done with local anesthesia
– Quick Results: Most patients find almost instant relief from chronic sinus pain

Balloon Sinuplasty

If you battle chronic sinus pain with no relief, you could be the perfect candidate for balloon sinuplasty. Scheduling a consult with one of the experience physicians at ENT Specialists is the next step in finding relief from your chronic sinus pain. Call us today!

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