What Happens When You Sing Too Much? Can it Damage Your Voice or Vocal Chords?

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Can there be a possibility that when you sing too much it can cause damage to your vocal chords? Those that are in love with music may say no. However, there are studies that show your vocal chords can be damaged if you are singing without taking proper care of your vocal chords in the meantime. ENT Specialists is here to share some tips that will help keep your vocal chords healthy as you sing.

Danger of Oversinging

If you were to run in place for hours on end, every single day, you would find that certain problems may start to arise. You could have problems with your knees or feet over the span of time. The same thing happens when you use your vocal chords that way. The first thing that happens is swelling in the vocal chords. If you don’t take caution when you have swollen vocal chords you will start seeing bigger problems like nodules or polyps on the chords and even bleeding. Once you are experiencing these problems, you may have to practice therapy that includes vocal rest, and in severe cases, surgery. If left untreated, you could not only damage your singing voice, but speaking as well.

How to Take Care of Vocal Chords While Singing

To avoid straining your vocal chords as you sing, you should follow these steps to a healthy singing voice.
Stay Hydrated– Water doesn’t just provide your body with the hydration that you need, your vocal chords need it as well. Singers should always have a water bottle with them and should drink often.
Get Enough Sleep– Sleep will help your body stay healthy and full of energy as well as your vocal chords.
Treat Allergies & Reflux Issues– Post nasal drip that is present when you have severe allergies can cause inflammation of your vocal chords. Many singers also struggle with acid reflux issues. As you can imagine, the acid present with those that experience this isn’t good for your vocal chords and can cause severe damage. Medications can be helpful with allergy symptoms as well as reflux issues.
Always Warm Your Voice Up– Warming up your vocal chords is essential to avoiding damage while singing. Before singing difficult music, you should always warm up your voice. It isn’t difficult, but is essential.

Proper Voice Singing Technique Matters

Just like when an athlete is constantly using poor technique, injury can happen. Singers should always use proper technique when singing to avoid straining their vocal chords and causing injury. If you haven’t learned proper voice technique, you will likely find yourself in vocal therapy at one point.

Speech Therapists & Vocologists

If you are concerned that you have injured your voice while singing, the physicians at ENT Specialists can help you get your voice back on track. We can give you the therapy and tools needed to maintain a healthy voice. Call us today!

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