What Are Allergic Reactions? Likelihood of Developing & Treatment for Allergies in Tooele, UT

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Allergies are responses to environmental stimulus, and those responses are genetically transmitted to our descendants. If you are allergic, there is a 25% possibility that your offspring will inherit the same vulnerability. Some allergies can be life threatening, especially if sensitive to animal stings and bites. For most of us, allergies are uncomfortable, for the allergy prone perhaps deadly.

What Are Allergic Reactions

Allergic reaction to air pollutants, which include dander, dust mites, molds, pollen and other air borne irritants lead the list. But some of us are allergic to certain foods like nuts, dairy and fruit. Allergies are a hypersensitive immune system response to an ingested substance, skin contact, inhalation or ingested as food. Somehow the allergen enters the body, and the immune system responds. Sensitivities to medications and food, as well as some metals will cause the immune system to over respond to a perceived threat.

Allergy of Prevalence in the United States

In our modern environment, we find that at least 6% of the population has an allergic response to some foods while 18% suffer from asthma. Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening reaction to an allergen and affects up to 2% of the population. The overactive sinus response most common with sneezing and runny nose is referred to as allergic rhinitis and is the most common symptoms we associate with allergy and about 20% of us are vulnerable to this stimulus. Another 20% will experience atopic dermatitis, or skin reaction to an allergen. And the point of concern is that the rate of allergic diagnosis is rising.

Likelihood of Developing Allergies

Your likelihood of developing allergies is inherited and related to irregularities of the immune system, so if your one or both parents have allergies, pretty good chance who will be a sufferer as well, but not necessarily to the same allergen. Your sex can determine your sensitivity and proclivity to allergies. Males are particularly vulnerable generally to allergies, but females suffer higher incidents of asthma. Allergies also are age dependent and tend to be prevalent in children, but may fade out in adulthood. Another interesting fact is that the incidents of allergies are highest in industrialized countries in contrast to the more rural countries.

Immune Response to Parasitic Infection

Recent studies have shown that gastric parasites in untreated water supplies, prevalent in non-industrialized nations, may suppress the immune systems and inhibit the body’s ability to attack them. We coevolved with our parasites, and without their immune suppressive excretions, our immune systems are out of balance and hypersensitive. These organisms no longer infect us because of our chlorinated water supplies. Our symbiotic relationship with hook worms and other denizens of our inner parts have resulted in a hyper active response to other environmental stimuli.

Allergy Treatment

There are medications available to moderate the symptoms of allergies. Hence why many allergies suffers refer to getting “their shot” at the onset of the allergy season, usually spring and some late fall. With no parasites to moderate the immune system, and a combination of a hypersensitive immune system with an expanding plethora of industrial contaminants could well explain the increase in allergy sufferers. But you don’t have to suffer alone. Contact ENT Specialists for allergy education, tips and our clinics for treatment.

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