Sinus Balloon Surgery Myths & Facts in Draper, UT; Recovery, Aftercare, High Success Rate & More

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Balloon surgery, also known as the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure is commonly used to treat chronic sinusitis and other related conditions for long-term relief, though there are over-the-counter and prescription remedies to help reduce the suffering. Being that balloon surgery is a relatively new procedure, there is a lot of confusion and myths, but in a nutshell, it is a safe and effective treatment many people benefit from. We at the ENT Specialists would like to take the opportunity to dispel the myths and share the facts to help people consider balloon surgery as an option for their long-term relief.

Facts & Myths About Balloon Sinuplasty

Myth: The patient’s nose needs to be packed with gauze following the procedure, making the removal uncomfortable. Even years after the gauze is removed, the discomfort follows.
Fact: The need for nasal packing post-procedure is eliminated with new technological advances. In fact, the gauze is no longer required whether the patient is having traditional sinus surgery or is having balloon sinuplasty.
Myth: Sinus surgery often takes multiple attempts before it is successful.
Fact: The procedure does not need to be repeated as the majority of people who have sinus surgery or balloon sinuplasty see improvements in their quality of life.
Myth: The recovery for this procedure takes a long time and is difficult to work through.
Fact: There is nearly no down time for balloon sinuplasty and patients can frequently return to work and normal activities after a single day of rest. However, traditional sinus surgery can result in a few days recovery time and those who work in manual labor may have to take some additional time off.
Myth: People will experience black and blue eyes following the procedure.
Fact: Unless the patient has cosmetic nasal work done at the same time, the patient will have no external change to a patient’s appearance.
Myth: Insurance does not cover balloon sinuplasty.
Fact: Before the procedure is completed there may be a pre-authorization requirement, but most plans cover the procedure. The details should be handled by the medical office that is performing the procedure.
Myth: The balloon sinuplasty is potentially unsafe.
Fact: Approved by the FDA in 2005, the device utilized in the balloon sinuplasty procedure has been thousands of times since as the safety profile is excellent.
Myth: Every patient who has sinus issues is a candidate for balloon sinuplasty.
Fact: There factors such as a patient has a deviated septum or large polyps, that would call for traditional sinus surgery done under a general anesthesia. However, even patients with these issues can be a potential candidate.
Myth: The procedure is excruciatingly painful.
Fact: To make the procedure more tolerable, balloon sinuplasty involves the use of local and topical anesthetics. The patient will likely feel pressure but there is no pain.
Myth: Balloon sinuplasty does not efficiently in relieve symptoms.
Fact: Providing lasting relief of chronic sinusitis symptoms, balloon sinuplasty has proven very effective.

Sinus Balloon Surgery Treatment

Balloon sinuplasty is a very effective and beneficial procedure for patients who experience many different chronic sinus troubles. If you want to learn more about the procedure, call ENT Specialists today!

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