Recurring Nosebleeds in Murray, UT; What Can Cause a Sudden Nosebleed & How to Prevent

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If you have ever suffered from a nosebleed then you are in the majority of the population. A nosebleed is not uncommon and can happen for many reasons at any age. Studies have shown that more than 60% of the population will suffer from a nosebleed at some moment in their life. The majority of nosebleeds that occur are fairly minor and can be treated at home. If you act quickly you can stop the nosebleed without too much worry at all. You will then have to do some cleaning up but the problem is solved. A small percent of nosebleeds are a bit worse and can lead to needing some form of medical intervention.

ENT Specialists Explains When to Worry About a Nosebleed & How to Prevent Them

When To Worry About A Nosebleed: There are some common treatment and home remedies that are available to deal with a nosebleed. You can pinch the nose off at the base and hold it for about ten minutes to stop the active bleeding. If this does not work you may need to try another method. After working on the nosebleed at home without any type of control you may need to contact a professional. Occasionally a nosebleed will need to be treated at a medical facility to stop the bleeding. The largest majority of the nosebleeds that need medical help exist in people aged 10 – 50 years old. If a nosebleed is extreme and left untreated it can be dangerous and could even become fatal.
What Are the Causes of Nosebleeds?: One of the most common reasons that nosebleeds exist is from the weather. Experts have shown that nosebleeds are most common in the winter months. That is due to the low humidity and the dry heat that is common during this time. The mucus membranes become dried out and they will eventually crack. The nasal passage is high in blood flow which is necessary. That is why a small crack in the lining can lead to a major bleed that is difficult to stop. Smoking and taking illegal drugs are another cause of increased chances of nosebleeds as well as nose picking. The elderly that are on some form of blood thinner are at a higher risk as well because they don’t clot blood as easily. If you are in an area that has dry weather you are more at risk as well.
How to Prevent Nosebleeds in Dry Weather: There are some ways to prevent nosebleeds from happening but not prevent them all together. If you are in a dry area you may want to apply Vaseline to the inside of the nasal passage or as you see necessary. If you have had a recent nosebleed you want to refrain from blowing your nose for about 10 seconds to ensure that the same area does not erupt. You can also seek medical advice if you think that you have common nosebleeds or a nosebleed that requires medical attention.

Control of Nosebleeds

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