Painful Lump in Throat Comes & Goes when Swallowing or Constant in West Jordan, UT

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Feeling a lump in your throat is not uncommon. Most experience the painless sensation at least once in their life. What is known as globus sensation, is when you feel a lump, bump, or swelling in your throat without having an actual lump. The most essential element that sets globus sensation apart from other potential causes, is an impact on swallowing. You may be experiencing another, more serious issue, if you have difficulty swallowing. You are likely experiencing the common globus sensation if you are experiencing the sensation without having a problem with swallowing. Today, we at ENT Specialists would like to elaborate on globus sensation.

What Causes Global Sensation?

Researchers and doctors are stumped about what actually causes this condition, as people of any age and gender can have this condition come and go throughout their life. There are other reasons to why you are feeling a lump in your throat including muscle tension, loss of muscle coordination, acid reflux, postnasal drip, and emotional reactions. Below you will find the basics of each of these causes.
Throat Muscle Tension – Throat muscles are often relaxed when not in use for talking or swallowing. If they do not relax correctly, you will likely feel more tension than normal. The tension feels like a lump or bump in the throat.
Loss of Muscle Coordination – Designed to relax and contract in a synchronized fashion, your throat muscles will allow you to swallow correctly. You may experience muscle tightness when you shouldn’t if they stop working properly. Simply swallowing saliva may make this noticeable. Swallowing won’t prevented or make it more difficult if the muscles are uncoordinated, just an abnormal sensation when you do swallow. Food stimulates the muscles in your throat differently than saliva, so swallowing food may be easier.
Acid Reflux. A feeling of muscle tension or swelling in your throat’s tissues can be caused by the stomach acid entering your esophagus; making it feel like your throat has a lump or it is blocked.
Postnasal Drip. In the back of your throat, Excess mucus from the nose and sinuses can build up; otherwise known as postnasal drip. This can cause a lump-like feeling due to an increase in sensitivity as it slides down your throat.
Emotional Reactions. Intense emotions my trigger globus sensation, such as stress, grief, anxiety, and pride. Additionally, severe fatigue may also induce this feeling.

Throat & Neck Care

Globus sensation isn’t dangerous and does not cause any medical complications. Seeing a doctor for this issue is not necessary. However, this condition can sometimes be confused with other disorders that should have medical care. If you continue to experience the lump in your throat after a few days, you should call your doctor or if you notice other symptoms developing, especially if swallowing becomes a challenge. If you are concerned about the lump you are feeling in your throat and you are having other symptoms or it has lasted more than a few days, call the experts of ENT Specialists and let our professionals find the problem and recommend treatment.

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