Feeling of Something Stuck in Throat & Other Symptoms of Voice Disorders in Murray, UT

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When you have a baby nothing is cuter then when you start to hear their voice making sound and then speaking words. The voice that you start with is not what you sound like when you are an adult. Your voice is something that changes over time and more so than a teenage boy that is hitting puberty. The sound of your voice is something that is unique to each person and that is why it can be hard to tell if there is a problem. It may surprise you to know there are many voice disorders that can come up and at any age. You want to make sure you know what to look for and what symptoms require you to see a health care professional. When you start to see any of the signs that you or your child has a voice disorder it is best to see an ENT which specializes in the ear, nose and throat. ENT Specialists outlines what symptoms you might hear that would require the help of a health care professional.

Hoarse Voice

One of the top things that people start to hear that means that there is a problem with your voice is when it is hoarse. Hoarseness is something that can come when you are feeling sick and that is no problem. The problem is when you have a hoarse sounding voice even when you are well. This can mean there is an issue with the vocal chords that needs to be treated. If you allow a child or person to talk with a hoarse voice it can end up causing damage. You want to make sure that you see a professional if you notice that your hoarse voice is not subsiding.

Persistent & Recurring Sore Throat

When allergy season kicks in or you are in the middle of flu season you may end up with a sore throat. A sore throat is a normal occurrence when you are ill or have a severe allergy. What should not happen is when the sore throat persists or when it seems to come often or more than the average. A chronic sore throat is a sign that you could have a problem that needs to be treated.

Voice Pitch Breaks

In a teenage boy that is going through a growth spurt and hitting puberty it is normal to have a pitch break. This is a break in the voice that occurs when the vocal chords are going through changes. This is normal in that age range but if you happen to notice that you have pitch breaks in your voice at other ages you want to make sure that you see a professional. There are many disorders that exist that can be affecting your vocal chords and other aspects of the voice. You want to be sure that it is addressed by a professional.

Feeling of Something Stuck in Throat when Swallowing

The feeling that when you swallow or when you are talking that you have something in your throat but there is nothing there can mean you have a problem. It should feel smooth and nothing stopping the flow of sound. If it is it is a good idea to see a professional.

Voice Disorder Treatments

ENT Specialists can help to treat you or your child for a voice disorder. Call our office today to make an appointment.

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