Benefits of Chemical Peels in West Jordan, UT; Repair Sun Damaged Skin, Get Rid of Acne Scars & More

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There are quite a few people, particularly celebrities that have beautiful radiant skin no matter their age. Though some are natural, others get a little assistance with chemical peels. To revitalize the skin, chemical peels are the least invasive procedures. Though there are other options to achieve optimal results, there are more than 11 million people throughout the globe opting to undergo chemical peels. With that in mind, we at ENT Specialists would like to relate some fundamentals and benefits for those considering chemical peels.

What is a Chemical Peel?

The term “chemical peel” sounds a little intimidating to most people. They envision an unpleasant chemical acid peeling layers of skin away like a horror movie. But rest assured it is nothing to fear. The surface layer of skin is gently dissolved by a safe and mild chemical solution that is carefully applied. New skin that is smoother and fresher is revealed after the old is skin removed and the tissue begins to heal itself. Chemical peels are offered in varied degrees of strength. After determining your skin type and your desired results the doctor uses the most efficient strength.

What Type of Skin are Chemical Peels Good For?

A chemical peel is ideal for anyone looking to revitalize their skin to a healthy glow and youthful look. Chemical peels are a perfect way to achieve vigorous and lustrous skin no matter if you are male or female or even what your age is. Additionally, chemical peels are also ideal for skin that has acne scars, over exposure to sub, signs of aging skin, and clogged pores. The chemical peels balance uneven skin tones and brighten otherwise drab, dull complexion. Chemical peels are exactly the remedy yo make the skin smoother, vibrant, and younger looking.

Chemical Peel Advantages

1) Reduce sun exposure damage. For people who spend regular time outside, sun damage and melasma are serious skin threats affecting a lot of people. Dark spots and sun damaged skin are healed and left smooth as the chemical peel procedure influences the skin to heal itself on a deeper level.
2) Improved skin texture. The procedure exfoliates the skin to the extreme, offering the skin optimal texture due to the increased cell turnover.
3) Intensified collagen growth. Cell renewal and collagen production are stimulated because as we mentioned earlier the chemical peel exfoliates the skin. As a byproduct, the skin that is regenerated is healthier and younger.
4) Minimizes acne and acne scars. Blemishes and acne scars are significantly reduced with just a mild chemical peel.
5) Diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles. To have barely noticeable effects, the over the counter creams, lotions and serums take an extended amount of time. Chemical peels achieve the ultimate results in lesser time to smooth the fine lines and wrinkles.
6) Boosts confidence. If you are considering chemical peels it is likely because there are imperfections on your face you want to correct. After the chemical peel treatments, and the skin is left soft, smooth, even, and fresh, your confidence increases.
7) Cost effective. It is more cost effective to have a chemical peel with actual results at an affordable cost as opposed to investing hundreds of hard earned dollars in anti-aging products.
8) Quick treatment. As being one of the least invasive options, chemical peels procedure are fairly quick and there is no recovery time, allowing you to get on with your life.

Medical Spa Services

If you are considering a chemical peel come talk to our team of professionals in the medical spa of the ENT Specialists and we will consult with you on your options to determine what treatments are best for you.

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