Maria Faerber Schmdit MA CCC SLP

MA CCC SLP, Vocologist

Maria is a Speech Language Pathologist certified to practice in the state of Utah. She is a nationally certified Vocologist through the U of U’s Vocology Institute and the National Center of Voice and Speech. Maria received her Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology from USU with expertise in voice and swallow rehabilitation. She earned a Bach from UVU in Elem Ed with an emphasis is music and singing, and a 2nd Bach from USU in Communication Disorders.

A classically trained singer, Maria has performed both professionally and semi-professionally. Her styles range from classical to Broadway, pop to spiritual, and art to choral. In the community and schools, she loved directing youth and children’s performing groups and musical theater. Maria has a passion for healing the injured voice and helping others improve their quality of life, which led her into the field of voice and swallow rehabilitation. She eagerly pursues ongoing education and research in the field.