Symptoms & Treatment Options for How to Fix a Broken or Fractured Nose in Tooele, UT

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The majority of people will experience getting struck in the nose at some point in their lives; whether its from contact sports, non-contact sports, a case of being a klutz, or even a scuffle. When the nose is struck the first thought is the overwhelming pain followed by trying to determine if its broken. Today, we at the ENT Specialists would like to discuss the symptoms of a broken nose for those that have recently had face trauma and some solutions.

Signs of a Broken Nose

Keep in mind that after a nasal injury, it is fairly common to have a bloody nose, but it is not always an indication that it is a broken nose. The signs that the bony area of your nose is fractured or cracked include the following:
1) When touching the nose, there is tenderness and pain.
2) While breathing out of the nostrils you experience pain.
3) Touching the nose causes a cracking sound.
4) Across the bridge of the nose there is swelling.
5) Dark bruising around the eyes.
6) The nose looks deformed or crooked.

When to Visit a Doctor for a Broken Nose

You will not necessarily need to visit the emergency room with a broken nose unless you experience any of the following symptoms written below. If you do, get medical attention promptly.
– Vision or balance changes.
– Unconsciousness.
– Severe headache.
– Vomiting.
– Neck pain.
– The extremities become numb.
– Nose bleed does not stop within a few minutes.
– The nose drains clear fluid.
– Additional facial injuries.
– High fever.

Broken Nose Relief

Cracks and fractures heal on their own unless there is obvious deformities. If you believe you have a broken nose and are not experiencing any of the above medical symptoms that require medical care, you can reduce the swelling, relieve pain, and stop the bleeding by applying ice off and on the area for 15 minutes at a time. Be sure to take Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen, if necessary, you can use nasal decongestants to help with any breathing issues. While sleeping or resting, be sure to elevate your head to prevent additional swelling.

Broken Nose Treatment

Visit a health care provider if the pain or swelling doesn’t dissipate after a few days, the nose looks crooked, or nasal breathing is abnormal. Seeing a professional within a week or two after the injury can possibly get your nose repaired immediately. The doctor will examine the inside and outside of your nose and often rely on X-rays to confirm if the nose is broken. If a bone was displaced, the doctor will try to realign the bone fragments and cast it so it will stay in place for a week or so. If you wait longer than two weeks to see a medical professional, you will likely have to wait months before surgical repairs can be made. ENT physicians will surgically treat a displaced fracture. After a break, the swelling can make surgery difficult, which is why the surgeons will wait until swelling has subsided. Most broken nose surgeries are performed while the patient is under general anesthesia, but the doctor will go over the procedure with you and address any of your concerns. If you believe your nose was recently broken and needs medical treatment to realign or repair surgically, do not hesitate to make an appointment with the ENT Specialists.

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