Swollen & Enlarged Adenoids in Murray, UT; Symptoms, Adenoidectomy Treatment & More

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How is your body able to control the amount of illness that you come across? There are systems that are in place that will help to fight off and kill bacteria and germs that are trying to make you sick. Your body will create white blood cells that work to protect you and fight off the infection. When parts of that system are not working right you are prone to more illness. The lymphatic system is what will produce the cells that your body needs to fight. The system is made up of your spleen, tonsils and lymph nodes to name a few. It seems that more and more children need to have their tonsils removed because they are no longer doing their job. Well the adenoids are a part of how the tonsils work and should be considered if there is trouble with the tonsils. They are necessary only as long as they are contributing to your health. There are times that they should be removed.

ENT Specialists Outlines What Adenoids Are & Why They May Need to Be Removed

Adenoids Definition: They are a part of the lymphatic system and will work with the tonsils as a first line of defense in protecting you from infection that may enter in the mouth or nose. They are found in the nasal passage and unlike the tonsils they cannot be seen unless you use medical tools. They can be enlarged and cause other health concerns for you or your child. You need to make sure that you know what the signs are and what you can do about it.
How Do Adenoids Affect Your Health: The job of the adenoids are to fight off infection. There are times that they are not able to do that and instead of helping may be causing other problems. The first sign that your adenoids need to be removed is if you struggle to breathe through your nose. They can be enlarged and blocking the passage. That means you will be breathing through your mouth which will cause snoring as well as dry mouth and lips. It also is a large reason that people suffer from bad breathe as well. Another problem that occurs when your adenoids are enlarged is that your ears can feel clogged and effect your hearing. It will also cause you to have more ear infections. That is because the normal flow of fluids in your ear are being blocked and the buildup can cause the infection to set in.
Adenoid Removal: The adenoids are needed but they can be removed if they are causing a problem. The great thing is that a simple procedure can be done where the surgeon will go in and take them out. This will increase your breathing, health and comfort once you are able to heal.

Tonsillectomy And Adenoidectomy

It is best to talk to an ENT Specialist to see if removing your adenoids is right for you. ENT Specialists can check your adenoids to see if you are a candidate for removal. Call us to make an appointment today.

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