Runny Nose, Sore Throat, Ear Pain & More During Cold Winter Weather in Tooele, UT

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With winter officially upon us, you or someone you know is bound to be exposed to nasty ailments that frequently affect the ears, nose, or throat. From horrible colds, to a bad flu, and sore throats being the most common, the colder the weather gets, the chances of you catching something increases. The immune system is often compromised during the cold winter months, leaving you susceptible to common illnesses. Where there a few things you can do minimize the risk of getting sick, many people will still get a bug. With that in mind, we at ENT Specialists would like to discuss common illnesses that affect ears, nose and throat.

Why Do We Get Colds in Winter?

The common cold is the most likely offender this winter to hit many people. Generally, the common cold is derived from a viral infection which manifests in an assortments of ways. Depending on what type of virus attacks your respiratory system dictates the symptoms. Despite a host of the plethora of viruses responsible for the common cold, there are quite a few different systems that point to the illness. Generally, excessive mucus production in the nasal cavities and/or chest is one of the primary symptoms in addition to an irritated throat and eyes that get watery. Since the common cold is due to a viral infection, there is little you can do to address the underlying issue, but over the counter decongestants help treat the symptoms until the body clears out the infection. Keep in mind that a cold causes a person to lose a large portion of water so keeping hydrated is important. Bed rest is recommended. However, in the event that symptoms are prolonged over two weeks, call ENT Specialists.

Does Cold Weather Cause a Sore Throat?

The sore throat is another common winter ailment. A sore throat describes a symptom rather than pinpointing the diagnosis and without knowing the other discomforts, it can be a challenge to name the actual problem. When it comes to having a sore throat, it is important to know the cause; viral infection, bacterial infection, or a simple irritation from extreme temperature exposure or even allergies. Treatment differs from each instance.

Why Does Flu Spread in Cold Winter Weather?

The flu is one of the most offensive winter ailments that people are commonly exposed to. The flu can be dangerous with different circumstances. A relatively common disease that reoccurs on a seasonal cycle is influenza, a viral infection which attacks your respiratory system. The symptoms of the flu resolve themselves without intervention typically in healthy people. However, the danger is in severe cases, or with those who have a compromised immune system, such as children or the elderly. In these situations, the flu can be a significant health risk. Many people can avoid the flu with flu shots, be sure to ask your health care specialists to see if you are a good candidate.

Ear, Nose & Throat Care

No matter which common winter illness is affecting you, if it is prolonged over few weeks, or your symptoms are severe, do not hesitate contacting ENT Specialists. We are proud to specialize in ears, throats, and noses to help you find relief for the problems you face, call us today to schedule your appointment.

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