Newest Hearing Aid Technology & Future of Hearing Loss Treatment in Salt Lake City, UT

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Many Americans are faced with the reality that they are losing some of their hearing function. This can be a devastating and more than challenging position to find yourself in. For those that are suffering from some sort of hearing loss, there is some new technology advances that make hearing aids even more effective in assisting patients with their hearing ability. ENT Specialists are here to talk about some of the new technologies you can expect to find in the hearing aids of 2018 and how they can benefit you.

Cutting Edge Hearing Aid Technology

As a new year is getting closer, you start to look at some of the new technological advances we can look forward to. Many people are interested in what advances will be made in hearing aid technology. In 2018, you can expect to see hearing aids that are even more user friendly than hearing aids in the past. Making adjustments to your hearing aids has never been so easy. You may think that the hearing aids that are available today are small compared to hearing aids in the past, but they are only getting smaller. The design is even more sleek and less conspicuous. You will see ear to ear connection improve as this is the most reliable way to improve speech understanding which is one of the greatest challenges for those suffering from hearing loss or the hearing impaired.

Hearing Aid Technology Made Available in 2017

Some of the greatest technological advances we saw in 2017 included hearing aids that were Bluetooth capable. Not only do your hearing aids now help improve your hearing, but you can use them as headphones to stream music from your phone, make phone calls and more. Another big change was the elimination of impressions or molds with hearing aids that are ready to wear and are available in three different sizes. No longer do you have to wait for your hearing aids to be customized and manufactured to fit your ears specifically, but are now designed with a silicone click sleeve that is ready to fit into your ear right from the beginning.

Natural Sound is the Future of Hearing Aids

The most impressive improvement that we will see in this coming year will be natural sound. With a sophisticated chip embedded in your hearing aid, background noise is decreased accurate directional amplification of sounds make the product phenomenal.

Hearing Testing & Hearing Aids

There are so many different hearing aids to choose from. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the process like so many people do, the help of the physicians at ENT Specialists will help you make the best choice for you. We will be able to work with you in selecting the perfect hearing aids to fit your lifestyle and offer hearing aids that are equipped with the latest in hearing aid technology available. Don’t let hearing loss affect your quality of life, we can help you hear better than you have in a long time. Call us today!

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