Effective Hair Transplant Replacement Surgery Procedure for Thinning Hair in Draper, UT

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Hair loss can be upsetting and affect one’s self-esteem. Luckily, there’s a solution. It’s called hair replacement surgery and the procedure has become more advanced than ever before. What are some things you should know about the procedure?

Hair Replacement Surgery

1. Not everyone is a good candidate for hair transplant. There are important criteria that need to be met for hair transplant surgery. The amount of donor hair you have and the type of hair loss you’re experiencing. Male pattern baldness is the optimal type of hair loss for the procedure. The donor hair also can’t be in the miniaturization process where it’s about to fall out.
2. Hair transplants aren’t just for men. Most of the time hair loss is associated with men but women can suffer from it and benefit from the surgery. Women usually have the procedure done to lower their hairline or increase the density of hair surrounding their face. Women can also decrease hair thinning on top of their head.
3. There are two ways to harvest healthy hair follicles. A successful hair transplant can be done in two ways. One, the hair follicles can be harvested from the donor area by removing a thin ellipse of the hair, bearing scalp and then using sutures to close the area. Two, hair follicles can be taken one by one with a tiny motorized punch. Both will be done with local anesthesia.
4. The hair transplant procedure can take up to eight hours. The person undergoing the procedure will be in the medical facility for a good part of the day and will need someone to take them home afterwards. It will take five to eight hours to do and the rest of the day should be spent resting in a reclined position. Results aren’t immediate and can take several months for the transplanted follicles to grow new hair.
5. Hair replacement results can look totally natural. If you go to the right surgeon, the results can look totally natural. Every patient can’t be treated the same way because everyone has different hair density, hair color, hair caliber, hairline, hair curl, etc. The subtle ways the surgery is done is what will determine how natural the results will be. For the most part, any physician can do the procedure, but you should really find one that has experience doing it.
6. You may lose more hair before you see new hair growing. The procedure is a relatively low-risk one but there can be side effects. Some patients will experience “shock loss” which is a temporary thinning of the pre-existing hair. This is caused by the micro-trauma of the tiny incisions made between existing hairs. This may last for a few weeks after the procedure, but the new hairs will grow back.
7. Hair replacement can be a pricey procedure, but worth it. This is a procedure that will produce fantastic results, but it will cost you. Hair replacement surgery can run you between $5,000 to $20,000. The cost will depend on the number of hair follicles that need to be harvested and the practitioner that will perform the procedure.

Hair Replacement Surgery

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