What Our ENT Patients are Saying

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, as our family reflected on those who have blessed our lives so greatly during 2018, I felt it appropriate to send an email and express our deep gratitude to ENT Specialists, and most specifically David Lodzins. David has been mom’s audiologist for many years and has ALWAYS been there for my mother. We are a large family of meager means, (due to the support and aid needed by several disabled Vietnam vets, a little sister born severely mentally retarded, and a more recently disabled brother). Over the past decade we’ve purchased several inexpensive hearing aids from ENT Specialists. I’ve stood by in awe as David has personally manage to keep them working and reconditioned for many years past their useful shelf-life. He’s always done so with a smile on his face and all the while made my mother feel as though she were an important and valued client (even though she was spending very little money and often had to pay for the reconditioning over time.)

This past year has been particularly difficult. My mom‘s health has failed and she has to sunken into the depths of dementia. With me traveling from Colorado two weeks a month and my disabled wheelchair-bound brother caring for her the rest of the time, the real joys in her life have been few and far between. I’m sure your staff knows better than most, that when you cut a person off from hearing, their world becomes very small. In August, my brother ran over mom‘s hearing aid with his wheelchair when he was trying to assist her with inserting it. He smashed it onto a million tiny pieces and there was no amount of David’s magic that could have made it functional again. We were devastated, with no idea how we could add one more disabling factor into the vast list of things no longer possible in mom’s life.

Imagine our joy and gratitude when David found a solution, when he provided a way for her to hear as well as possible and be to remain engaged in her rapidly diminishing world.

Less than two weeks after David provided her a temporary solution, the son that was caring for her died unexpectedly, she broke arm a month later, spent time in the hospital and now a rehabilitation center. In some ways this missive sounds like a never-ending nightmare or a sob story, but really it’s an expression of gratitude: Because of David, mom heard every word of her 61-year-old son’s beautiful memorial. Because of David she heard us sing happy birthday to her on her 86th birthday. Because of David she can hear instructions to try to rehabilitate her broken arm. Because of David she hears me each evening as I give her assurance that we will soon be bringing her home. Because of David her world is little bit brighter and tiny things like being able to hear a question, a shared memory or an expression of love are still part of her world. These tiny things have became THE BIG things and it is because of David and an extraordinary company that empowers the vast grace, compassion, wisdom and dedication of such a man that has made it possible for our family to enjoy this sweet, aging matriarch with just a little more joy and understanding through the last leg of her journey on Earth. For that we will ALWAYS be grateful. He may have come to ENT Specialist by way of Arizona from Wyoming, but we think he was granted us by a place much closer to our hearts – to our family as least – he’s a gift from heaven. I’d venture to guess there are hundreds of clients who feel the same. With never-ending gratitude, Lisa and Ellen’s entire family.

– Lisa H.